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SpaceBridge Inc. has delivered geographically redundant VSAT platform’s to Military Satellite Communication branch of the principal defense entity in South America for its Border Security Program

February 26, 2020

SpaceBridge has delivered to principal South American defense entity geographically redundant Military Satellite Communication Network Systems for the prestigious project  known as the  largest border security program in South America.

SpaceBridge was selected and delivered to the Communications and Electronic Warfare Command of the South American Army geographically redundant satellite communications platforms.

SpaceBridge designs, builds and integrates a state-of-the-art, geographically redundant VSAT platforms, connecting to VSAT Gateway Hub with the FlyAway Remote Terminals, Mobile User Terminals and Fixed terminals. The delivered network incorporates SpaceBridge’s ASATTM VSAT platform for Satellite Broadband Multiservice applications, including WaveSwitchTM multi-waveform switching technology, its superior adaptive waveform optimization, for fixed and mobile satellite communication solution for enabling various mission critical entities to operate tactical applications in real time. WaveSwitchTM, dynamic access scheme, enabled on-the-fly switching between various SCPC and MF-TDMA waveforms based on the running applications and set up triggers. All this is aimed by means of a distinctive technology in line with directives of the country national defense strategy.  

"SpaceBridge has a proven track record in providing five nines (99.999% availability) VSAT communication equipment to key defence agencies in deployments around the globe for mission critical applications", stated David Gelerman, President and CEO at SpaceBridge Inc. “We are pleased to deliver the most advanced VSAT platform that provides superior end-to-end Satellite solution, with size weight and power (“SWaP”) in compliance with restrictive military standards, saving OPEX to our government and military customers”.



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