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STN Appoints Anver Anderson as General Manager

January 27th, 2016

STN is pleased to welcome Mr. Anver Anderson aboard as the new General Manager of the company, with responsibility of  implementing on-going and new initiatives including global sales, marketing outreach and team development.

Anderson has an invaluable professional history within the industry with decades of experience leading internationally diverse, multi-cultural and multi-disciplined business teams on a global basis. For many years, Anderson led a UK-based consultancy specializing in business development, strategic market planning, project management and product evaluation and development.

Anderson will be instrumental in the next phases of STN’s development, bringing with him a vast and diverse knowledge of the industry complimented by a keen perspective and progressive zest.

“I’m extremely pleased to be joining the team at STN,” said Anderson, “there’s such a great feeling of vigourous energy and dynamism in the company. What STN has achieved in only 11 years is really incredible and I’m invigorated and delighted to have joined at a critical stage of the next development phase”

Prior to joining STN, Anderson held corporate executive positions, including Chief Sales Officer with a European teleport operator, Vice President for Asian operations for a leading global manufacturer of modems, modulators and hub systems, as well as  Business Development and Sales & Marketing director roles with world-leading satellite operators.