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STN Announces New Director Appointments .

2 July 2015

STN (Satellite Telecommunications Network) a global broadcast over Satellite Company based in Slovenia, today announced the first steps of a major internal reorganization. 

Over the coming months the company is planned to complete a designed transition both internally and externally. These new appointments are the first of many which will change the face of STN.

Together with the current Leadership, this new Management structure will enhance the companys driving force giving way to advanced client services and the future strategic development of the company.

Chief Financial Officer 


Martina Knific- Newly appointed Chief Financial Officer, STN

STN has appointed Martina Knific as its CFO. Having achieved her degree in economics, Martina then pursued a very successful career in the field of Finance & Accounting at a legal level. After Serving in many senior positions for International companys, she then joined the STN team in 2010.

Martina Knific is responsible for the annual reporting of the companys financial, accounting and tax reports, which are consistent with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition to this Knific prepares details of forecast vs actual analysis as well as leading the accounting team.

Martina is considered a true asset to the company and her new position is highly deserved. 

“It’s an honor to accept this new appointment and I look forward to reporting the continued financial success of STN “ said Knific. 

Sales Director 

Sašo Hauzer, Newly appointed Sales Director, STN

STN has appointed Sašo Hauzer as its Director of Sales. In this position Sašo Hauzer will lead the team in the development of new sales worldwide, while continuing to support and expand the quality services provided to our current and respected partners.  During his seven years of service to STN, Sašo Hauzer has proven to be a key player and has been instrumental in the business development of the company.

Sašo Hauzer has worked in the sales department since he first started with STN in 2009. He keenly adapted his previous business experience from finance to the new area of Broadcast over satellite sales and he has certainly found his forte within the industry. 

“It is with great pride that I move into the position of Sales Director with STN.  During these last years with the company, I have found myself settle into a new role in a fast changing technical industry.

I have had the pleasure of meeting all our current partners and being part of their projects and I look forward to our continued successes and new partnerships.

New clients, new services, new technology, more travel it’s never dull “ Said Hauzer. 

Technical Director 


Jurij Blažin, Newly appointed Technical Director, STN 

Jurij Blažin was one of the very first employees of STN and has been with the company since its foundation.  

Having qualified as a telecommunications engineer in 2005, he continued to develop his skills through practical experience and continued support and training with the company.

Jurij Blažin has proven to have In-depth knowledge of the configuration of uplink systems, compression systems, encryption DVB systems, satellite communications combined with excellent command of software and hardware maintenance and servicing of computers and servers.

Showing good interpersonal and communications skills, Jurij Blažin has earned his place as Technical Director within the organization. 

“In my many years here at STN, I have been involved in a technical wonderland, from the first server installation in what was then a small start up to the purpose built EQ & MCR centers of the current facility.

With so much development and change in the technology industry in the last decade, there is no doubt that at times it has been challenging to keep up with client’s requests for higher levels of quality and performance, but I am happy to say that to date no technical requirement has been insurmountable.

I look forward to being part of STN’s continued growth within the industry”

New development plans are already underway for STN, and they are expected to make a more detailed announcement later this year.