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STN, proud to be part of Alaraby success story

Alaraby Television Network is a new channel based in London, which aims to be a platform for Arab youth, talent, energy and aspirations. With a mission to enrich the Arab media scene for a better future in the region, the channel will engage viewers with entertainment, arts and creativity.

"We are interested first and foremost in people and their concerns, rather than in regimes, businessmen and religious extremists", said Islam Lotfy, CEO, Al Araby TV.

In January 2015, STN started the distribution of Alaraby in both SD and HD on 7.5 ºWest, which is the hottest satellite position for Middle East and North African region. Alaraby is the first of its kind in the region and is free-to-air.

“STN assisted with the launch of Alaraby since day one. We are always proud to be involved from the beginning, first steps and ongoing success of a new and innovative channel.” Says Mitja Lovšin,Sales & Marketing Director, STN

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